Save Our Supporters Club - Refusing to fade and die!

We need your help ! Castle Street has closed for significant repair. We are seeking crowdfunding donations to keep the club alive and to keep our historic institution open. We also need funding to help us secure a permanent venue close to the London Stadium.

As many West Ham United fans will know, The Supporters Club has struggled to survive since the team relocated to the new stadium.  Our match day custom has reduced significantly and the Castle Street premises is in a very poor state of repair.

On 30th September the new Executive Committee was forced to close the doors on the club, the same day that we opened a match day bar in a temporary venue on Fish Island, close to the London Stadium.

It is hoped that the revenue from the match day bar at Stour Space will help to provide much needed funds to enable the committee to carry out the necessary repairs to Castle Street.  The committee plans to encourage greater community use of the building and host more events in the newly refurbished club to help generate more funds with a view to securing a second venue close to the London Stadium.

None of these plans will happen if we cannot attract the help we need to survive.  The current committee strongly believes that the Supporters Club should and can continue with the help of fellow fans.  We have fought long and hard before deciding on a crowd funding project to secure the clubs future and we are hopeful that our

immense West Ham family will join and support this fundraising campaign. We are refusing to fade and die.

Please support us if you can